Weigh In & GOALS for Week 6 of 2018 – Weight Loss Journey Vlog #32

In this video, I do the 6th weigh in of 2018, talking about gaining 0.3LBS this week. I definitely know why that is. Also I discuss completing Week 5 goals and water being my Week 6 Goal!

Last Week: 269.6LBS
This Week: 269.9LBS

I already know why I gained the weight this week. I overate last Monday. Not today, but last Monday. I'll be real with you, i've been very inconsistent when it comes to eating in my calorie deficit. I will go 6 days of being very strict, and then go overeat for a day/two/three. It's not very good.

Hopefully I'll be successful in my February goal so that won't be a consistent problem. It'll be a battle I will always have to battle though. No ignoring that.

Last Week's Goal: 15 Minutes on the Stairmaster.

Completed that goal! Every workout this past week, I've been on the Stairmaster for 15 minutes. The ultimate goal is to get up to 30, and then gradually increase the speed. But I don't want to rush all at once to not burn myself out. So I'll make a slow increase in that.

This Week's Goal: 50oz of Water Every Day

I have been slacking when it comes to me drinking water every day. A huge help in my quest to be more full should be to get enough water. So the goal is to at least get 50oz of water every day. More than that is cool, but the goal is 50oz.


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